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Lake Winnecook

Also known as Unity Pond, Lake Winnecook is a small waterbody at 2,528 acres surrounded by the towns of Burnham, Troy, and Unity. It has a maximum depth of just 37 feet. Located in Central Maine, it drains to the Sebasticook River via Twenty-Five Mile Stream. This stream usually acts as an outlet but during periods of high water, it reverses and becomes an inlet. Nestled between rolling farmlands to the east and extensive bog areas to the west, the pond offers a tremendous diversity of fishing opportunities. Anglers may access Lake Winnecook via a public access facility located off Kanokolus Road in Unity. The lake is well marked with navigational buoys which are maintained by Friends of Lake Winnecook.

Nearby Unity College, with a mission of environmental stewardship, uses Lake Winnecook and its watershed as a model for science classes and research. The college supports Lake Winnecook water quality projects.

Lake Winnecook provides excellent habitat for warm water gamefishes. Good populations of largemouth and smallmouth bass, perch, pickerel, and other warm water species provide anglers with many hours of fishing enjoyment. Black crappies have recently migrated to the lake from other waters in the Sebasticook drainage and are a principal fishery. White perch can also keep the intested angler busy.

Annual Meeting 2014

Friends of Lake Winnecook Annual Meeting
August 2, 2014 at the American Legion Hall, Windemere Lane, Unity.
For More Information contact Richard.kersbergen@maine.edu.


8:30 am (Snacks and social time), 9:00 Business Meeting
9:00-9:45 Welcome and update
Secretary’s report from 2013 annual meeting (Anni Roming)
Treasurer’s Report (Joe Foley)
President’s message and review of projects to date (Rick Kersbergen)
Courtesy Boat Inspection Report (Joe Ramirez)
Water Quality Monitoring (Rick Kersbergen)
Loon Count (Melissa Bastien)
Unity College Student Activities (Kevin Spigel)
Annual Dave Potter Update
Nominations for board members and election of officers

9:45 Annual Meeting Guest Speaker: Maggie Shannon Director and LakeSmart Coordinator, Maine Lakes Society mainelakessociety.org mainelakessociety.org/lakesmart/

10:30 Other business/adjourn